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how to use a podger spanner

This page lists people with the surname Podger. If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to this page, you may wish to change that link by adding the person's given name (s) to the link. ... More

how to use lastpass on another computer

But I had another reason to chill: I use LastPass's Grid two-factor authentication feature, which is required from any computer except one in my home office. That means any hacker not only would ... More

how to take phots of lighting

In order to take photographs of lightning, you'll need to have a camera with a 'bulb' (time exposure) setting. This allows the shutter to be open for extended periods of time, a vital function for capturing lightning. ... More

how to take care of 5 year old kid

Have the child gather recyclable goods, such as newspapers, soda cans, or glass bottles, and take them to the recycling plant. Sell Crafts and Home Décor Teach the kids how to make crafts, such as homemade jewelry or decorative signs for the home. ... More

how to use a zero air driver bike pump

Hard working. Reliable. Top of the line performance. Want to your customers to say this about your pump? Then you want it to be powered by a Honda Engine. ... More

how to use call recorder

Part 3: Notes of to Use a Call Recorder So many apps use 3GP and AMR formats to record a phone call which is annoying sometimes since those formats are not used that much. ... More

how to use comic book paper

Different Paper Types for Book Printing. by David Rogers. An important choice youll make about your book printing project is the paper type you will use as the inside stock of your book. This will define the look and feel of your book along with your binding type and cover stock choices. If you take a look at the paper options on our quote page, youll see quite a few options for ... More

femibion 2 how to take

1/01/2011 · I originally started taking femibion every day but at £15 for 30 days that soon became WAAAAY too expensive. I now take Sainsburys mum and bump which seems to be fine! I now take Sainsburys mum and bump which seems to be fine! ... More

how to use modelling tools for cake decorating

Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make plain cakes more visually interesting. Alternatively, cakes can be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things. ... More

how to watch tv with internet connection

Internet-ready TVs will typically have two options available to connect with the Internet: an Ethernet port connection and a wireless connection. Both types of connections have a number of pros and cons, so Smart TV users should carefully weigh their options before deciding which type of connection to choose. ... More

how to use got2b glued spiking glue

I ordered the Got2B Glued because I am transitioning to natural and I wear lace front wig/frontals. I have been watching tons of videos on YouTube of ladies, using this to lay down wigs/frontals. ... More

how to use automation and envelopes ableton

To draw automation freehand, you can use Command-4 to toggle the entire arrangement note grid off and onor just hold down the Option key while drawing to make your own crazy, un-quantized shapes. ... More

how to see if i have a warrant

The police may arrest you if they have a warrant to do so. However, police can arrest you without a warrant if they reasonably suspect that you have committed or … ... More

how to sing improvised songs

You might find Scat Singing as a complicated process because it requires the singers to sing improvised rhythms and melodies. Moreover, they have to use their voice as a type of instrument rather than using it as a speaking medium. ... More

how to turn on airdrop onmac

Airdrop is an amazing feature of Mac OS X Lion. By using the AirDrop, you can easily send any file to another other user of AirDrop without the need of any 3G ... More

how to tell people you broke up

So here's how to break up with someone you're still in love with, even when it hurts. Because you deserve to have it be as painless as possible. Because you deserve to have it be as painless as ... More

how to tell if a cantaloupe melon is ripe

18/05/2017 · While a green cantaloupe is definitely unripe, a yellow or tan cantaloupe may not be quite ripe yet. Even if the melon is not quite ripe, however, noting the color will give you an idea of whether or not the fruit is close to being ripe. ... More

how to take life easy

If you’re not sure, use our easy life insurance calculator to find out how much life insurance you should buy. You may be surprised to see a wide range of prices from different insurers But without a more detailed application, most of these numbers are just guesses. ... More

how to use hamilton beach big mouth food processor

wattage appliance on the same circuit with your food processor. The length of the cord used on this appliance was selected to reduce the hazards of becoming tangled in or tripping over a longer cord. ... More

how to write a b2b blog post

Write articles and post them to your social media accounts. If you already have a blog, this will be easy to do. If you already have a blog, this will be easy to do. Share your articles and blog posts ... More

how to fix ipod touch that won t turn on

For the iPod touch models, How do I fix my iPod if it will not turn on, turn off, or wake up? How do I fix my iPod if it is "hung" on the Apple logo? How do I fix my iPod if it shows a folder with a "!" icon or "sad" iPod? How do I fix my iPod if it won't show up on my computer? How can I start to troubleshoot a problem with my iPod? You may wish to start by reviewing the iPod ... More

how to start an activist group

In 2006, I was working on an environmental campaign. to motivate you to stick around. that I no longer thought was strategic. Our team was getting voluntary commitments from companies to ... More

how to talk to someone with paranoid delusions

How people want to be help vary between each person, so the best thing to do is ask the person if you can! Paranoia If they are okay with it, ask the person how realistic the paranoia is. ... More

how to wear a snore ring

Wear the Silent Knight anti snoring Ring only when your asleep (putting it on an hour before bedtime ideally) and, as shown in field trial research* most people find they have no more or significantly reduced snoring after just three days. ... More

how to use lifting chan joiner 3 ‘Competent Person’ – Clearly Defined ‘Competent Persons’ need to be trained on: • The use and selection of chain slings. ... More

how to use rice noodles in soup

Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup - easy noodle soup with chicken broth, noodles and bok choy. This recipe is so easy and comforting, perfect as a quick and hearty lunch. This recipe is so easy and comforting, perfect as a quick and hearty lunch. ... More

how to take up the nbn

Hey, NBN orders can take up to 10-12weeks before they are finalized. You should've been provided with an order number either via email or the Telstra consultant got you to write it down. ... More

how to take a screenshot on samsung galaxy 3 tablet

How to Take a Screenshot on an Android Phone or Tablet. With many Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note, you press the Power and Home buttons, hold for a second and release when the screen flashes to take a screenshot and place it in your Gallery. ... More

how to start dating again reddit

If youre looking to start dating again, having a positive mindset can set the stage for success. Do You Want to Date Again? The personal decision to reenter the dating world has to come from you and you alone, and if youre being pressured by friends, family or even society to get back into the dating scene, this is far from healthy or productive. ... More

how to stop unwanted text messages

The number of unwanted or spam text messages is becoming more and more by the day which is irritating and you do not want to check your messages which might result in loosing some important messages. ... More

how to measure stress and fatigue at work

STRESS MANAGEMENT IN WORK SETTINGS is a DHHS (NIOSH) publication. This publication summarizes the scientific evidence and reviews conceptual and practical issues relating to worksite stress management. ... More

how to solve a system of inequalities with graphing

Systems of Equations and Inequalities Examples The Graphing Method When we're asked to solve a system of linear equations for x and y, we're really being asked to ... More

how to start my mtf transition

2012: MTF Transition Begins, The Magical Year in Pictures 2012 was the most magical year of my life and the beginning of my transition from male to female. For a long time I'd looked to this year as something potentially special and a possible time for me to change my life. ... More

how to teach eevee last resort in pokemon sun

-Sun/Moon IV Calc. Pokémon of the Week-7th Gen -6th Gen Forums Discord Chat Current & Upcoming Events Event Database 7th Generation Pokémon-Let's Go New Pokémon Episode Listings & Pictures AniméDex Character Bios The Indigo League The Orange League The Johto Saga The Saga in Hoenn! Kanto Battle Frontier Saga! The Sinnoh Saga! Best Wishes - Unova Saga XY - Kalos Saga Sun & … ... More

how to use gsx fsx

Purchasing GSX, will enable to use it at ALL FSX Airports, both default and 3rd party, even those not released yet GSX offers vehicles in many different types and sizes, depending on the airplane used and the geographical location, and every vehicle is available in many different liveries, chosen automatically by your location in the FSX World. ... More

how to speak punjabi phrases

The Punjabis (Punjabi: ?????? ?, ??????) or Punjabi people are an ethnic group associated with the Punjab region in South Asia, specifically in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, presently divided between Punjab, India and Punjab, Pakistan. ... More

how to watch fox sports online australia

How to watch: Tune in to FOX SPORTS 505 to catch this clash, with kick-off at 7:30pm AEDT. You can also stream the match live on the MyFootball Live App , Live … ... More

how to study dentistry in france

Pre-Dentistry at Houston Baptist University, Texas, USA: It is common for institutions in the USA to offer a Pre-Dentistry course, designed for students who wish to go on to study Dentistry at a higher level and eventually pursue a career in the profession. Pre-Dentistry offers a series of classes and activities designed to prepare students for entry into Dentistry Schools, including ... More

explain how to write formulas for ionic compounds

3/04/2010 · This is a really tough question and I need a lot of help with it. Please help me. The full question was "Explain how to write an ionic formula, given an anion and a cation. As an example, use the phosphate anion. Write formulas for the compounds produced by the combinations of these ions. name the compounds for which you have ... More

how to use laptop screen as monitor

This answer assumes you want to use the laptop as your only monitor. If you want a dual monitor setup, this may not be the best advice. If you are happy with controlling the other computer with the laptop's built-in mouse and keyboard, or plugging your mouse / keyboard / other input device into the laptop, any general-purpose remote desktop ... More

how to start snaz on boot

View Venkateswara Reddy K’S profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Venkateswara has 7 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Venkateswara’s connections and jobs at similar companies. ... More

win 8.1 how to view ram info

I know it is easy to check the total RAM installed on a computer (eg 32 GB), but is there an easy way to check in Windows if the RAM is e.g. 2×16 GB, 4×8 GB, 8×4 GB or 16×2 GB? This information is particularly handy if you’re shopping for a RAM upgrade as you need to know which slots are filled and in which configuration. ... More

manicure machine how to use

It is affordable and the best electric nail files you can get in the market. The kit contains 14 tools that can be used to attend to special nail cases. I highly suggest getting a solid The kit contains 14 tools that can be used to attend to special nail cases. ... More

how to show guilds in pso2

See a basic Gu/Hu Build. Fighter. As a subclass, Fighter (Fi) has potential for big damage, but requires the player to give up the safety nets of Gu/Hu. ... More

how to set up google payments with telstra freedom plus

There are 24 plans from Telstra available in Australia and prices range from $29 up to $124. You can connect to the Internet with Telstra via ADSL2+ , Cable , … ... More

how to open start menu folder in windows 10

Here we will be discussing the number of available options for a user to easily locate and access the startup folder in windows 10. Option 1: Using search menu. Here in the search menu if you search for the windows startup then it will gives you as same shown above, in this option you can click over it which will redirect you to : It will simply redirect you to the task manager window in which ... More

how to use tumblr 2018

To increase audience engagement, use the live video solutions of, say, YouTube, and integrate them to your Tumblr account. Use a business theme This platform is different from Facebook and Twitter because Tumblr supports customized modifications. ... More

how to stop download update ps4

the ps4 probably went into rest mode (amber light), in which case the ps4 can still download the updates. If it is fully off, (no lights) it wont download anything. If it is fully off, (no lights) it wont download … ... More

how to tell who unfriended you

How can you tell if Someone Unfriended you: You may be a bit curious to know your Facebook friends that unfriended you because you noticed a drop in the numbers of Facebook friend. Facebook does not have a feature that displays the list of those that unfriend you on its platform due to the fact that it may cause negative user experiences. Read ... More

how to see through window glass

1/10/2008 You can see this by using your tv remote control through a glass window and obviously it will work. Thermal infrared is generally divided into two regions called MWIR (mid-wave infrared) and LWIR (long-wave infrared). ... More

how to use palo alto firewall

I am setting up a l2l tunnel with a palo alto firewall and having trouble. It is a fairly simple setup, we are encrypting public to public traffic for sftp upload from the asa side. ... More

how to write a letter to postpone jury duty

Jury Duty Excuse Letter Template; Jury Excuse Letter; Related For Jury Duty Excuse Letter . How To Write A Letter Of Recommenda how to write a letter of recommendation for a. Funeral Excuse Letter example of excuse letter for absent college death in. Personal Injury Demand Letter injury settlement guide personal injury demand letter compensation claims. Three Letter Abbreviations 3 letter ... More

how to see someones steam wishlist

Steam Wishlist, News and Top News Articles on Steam Wishlist. Explore the Steam Wishlist latest news photos, videos, articles and complete latest news coverage on Steam Wishlist. ... More

how to write a comparative language analysis

Here is a brief idea about how to write a comparative essay using a perfect thesis statement. Although the eras of Romanticism and Victorianism have an equally crucial role to play when it comes to literature and literary studies, there are certain remarkable differences if we are to talk about idealism, plot and language. ... More

how to train for muscle definition

How to Build 3D Muscle Definition. Band training for 3D muscle definition requires multi-pattern training using variable speeds, variable resistance and a variety of non-traditional exercises. ... More

how to set default zoom in firefox

26/06/2017 · How to Change the Default Zoom for the Android Browser Author Info wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. ... More

how to set leader ff12

18/10/2012 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Register yourself as a member of Eyes on Final Fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more. ... More

how to start an online fashion boutique

I don't have much experience with clothing boutiques, but here is my advice. 1) Find an underserved market. Where I live (for example) there is a large Indian population. There are 4-5 Indian grocery stores, but no stores that sell high end traditional Indian clothing. Most of the women order it ... More

how to use bonus skills in duolingo

How the (real) Duolingo API works: Endpoints¶ The Duolingo API is not officially documented, but can be found by sniffing the traffic from their mobile apps. The API is used for user information, Skills and their Lessons, etc. ... More

how to use royalty free music on youtube

free use and simple lifetime licenses Here on TakeTones, you can download free royalty free music under the Creative Commons license. We launched this platform to make high-quality background music accessible for everyone. ... More

how to use l oreal studio secrets primer

L’oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer – Review Posted by Lipglossiping On September - 29 - 2009 I generally balk at the prospect of paying more than £8 for a high street/drug store product, but I had seen/read a few reviews of the new L’oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer and was too excited by the “resurfacing” claims not to at least check it out. ... More

how to fix epson wf3640 error 0x60 during set up

It is probably worth your while checking the Epson 'Quick start' guide for your printer to make sure you get the install / set up sequence correct. Printers are notoriously fussy about the ... More

how to make a girl start liking you

You met an amazing girl. She’s beautiful, funny, intelligent, and doesn't seem to be out-of-her-mind crazy. Obviously you want her to be into you, too. Nothing's worse than getting shoved into the friend zone or getting so nervous to impress that you scare her away indefinitely. To make sure that doesn't happen, we reached out to dating experts to figure out what works (and what doesn’t ... More

how to start a directory website

One of the first things that you will need to do is to create a web application (for more information, see the section on web applications and pools). ... More

how to use vsco d

How to use VSCOcam For Instagram I often get asked how I edit on my iPhone. When I talked about my favorite apps for Instagram, I talked about my go to app for editing, VSCOcam.( Remember, you can also get this app on Android!) I love it. It's simple, it's pretty and it's fast. So today I'm going to show use how I use VSCOcam for Instagram. ... More

how to tell is porsche twist wheels are genuine 928

Genuine Porsche 18” Alloy Wheel Set This listing is for a set of 4 Porsche wheels originally fitted to a Porsche Cayenne. 5 stud 130 PCD 18” ET 57 BBS Alloy Wheel Set Colour silver All in excellent condition with minor scratches Viewing reco ... More

how to get to tomaree head summit walk

If you have a spare afternoon the Tomaree Head Summit Walk is well worth the effort. It winds through national parkland around Tomaree Headland to the summit, with sweeping views of the coastline. It winds through national parkland around Tomaree Headland to the summit ... More

how to use spiral hair pins

Twist Spiral Beads Braiding Hair Dreadlocks Clips Cowrie Sea Shell Long *1 Color. Quick tutorial on how to use Goody's Spin Pins .. How to use Goody Spin Pins . ... More

how to stop kitten biting you

Using punishment, such as swatting or hitting on a cat who bites only serves to agitate the cat further and can escalate the biting. Instead, use a reward system, such as treats, when the cat shows appropriate behavior. ... More

how to write a virus

Write Now is a course designed to help you achieve your goal of becoming a best-selling author. With the aid of Dennis Sy, who has sold more than 25000 copies of his self-published books, you are on your way to fulfilling your dream. ... More

how to write in class essay

Writers Workshop: Writer Resources. Writing Tips; Grammar Handbook; Citation Styles; ESL Resources; Writing Tips: In-class Essay Exams. Below are some tips for taking in-class essay exams. ... More

pubg war mode how to see score

Try this NEW Brawl Stars Action Android & iOS game, Develop by Supercell it takes one to the New Top Grossing Games list. ... More

how to set time in chronograph watch

To set the time: Pull the crown out to position 2 (see diagram part B which will allow you to position watch hands for proper time selec-tion. Rotate the crown clockwise until the desired time is set. 2. When finished setting the time, push the crown back to the 0 (zero) position. The small second hand (dial part C) begins to run. SETTING THE DATE 1. Pull the crown out to the first ... More

how to start a narrative essay examples

During admission, there is an essay requirement that is part of the admission process and the favorite essay is the narrative essay. This is because the narrative essay is of a personal nature. The admission personnel is normally interested in your personality and character hence the choice of an essay. ... More

smashbox halo hydrating perfecting powder how to use

7/11/2011 · A beauty blog with a humorous flair. Featuring product reviews, purchases, relevant stories, personal opinions, and judgment placing. I cater to the saavy and the serious. ... More

how to watch live sports on xbox one free

Mobile, Tablet, Windows Phone, Android, PS4, Xbox are tested working anyways you will get the best experience using your PC FOX SPORTS 1: You won’t miss any US and wordwide sports online all you need to know is the time your desired event is airing. ... More

obduction how to use ansel

NVIDIA's own GeForce website has detailed Obduction with some VR gameplay, and an interview with Rand Miller from Cyan. Obduction is only a month away, with a release date of July 26, with the ... More

how to stay motivated to lose weight tumblr

How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight In 2016 Images Weight Loss In Lewisburg Wv How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight In 2016 What Is A Good Hdl And Ldl Cholesterol Ratio, How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight In 2016 Weight Loss Broomfield Co, How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight In 2016 How Do You Lower Cholesterol, How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight In 2016 Walgreens Weight ... More

how to start ouija board

Lets break it down. 1. Ouija boards do not work if you are alone. Period. 2. Never utilise a Ouija board if you are in a negative or distressed state as youre going to contact spirits that will take advantage of you and try to scare you. ... More

how to turn on system service windows 10

Windows 10 tip: How to turn on System Protection and create System Restore points. One of the oldest Windows recovery tools, System Restore, is disabled by default on most Windows 10 … ... More

how to take flax oil

The distortion of the molecular structure of the flax seed oil by heat makes it unsuitable to be used for cooking. Frying or baking with flax seed oil can break down the components of the oil… ... More

how to start a honda gx200 pressure washer

Governor Spring for Honda and Chinese Copy Engine GX160 GX200 5.5HP 6.5HP $9.95 Make 4 interest-free payments of $2.49 fortnightly and receive your order now. ... More

how to set firefox as default browser in vista

8/02/2007 firefox to default browser, it doesn't take the setting. i tried what you said in default programs too, but i couldn't 'uncheck' the default stuff under internet explorer. so ... More

how to turn off imessage sounds on iphone 7

You'll know iMessage is off when the switch is positioned to the left and gray. Tap the switch again to turn it back on. You'll know iMessage is back on when the switch is green and positioned to the right. ... More

how to write a resume sample pdf

Résumé manuals offer samples of the various formats one can use to write an outstanding résumé; however, the vast majority of employers prefer the standard reverse chronological format. Somewhere on ... More

how to tell if a man is infatuated with you

17/01/2016 · Before you can find this kind of love, even in someone you are infatuated with, you should learn to love yourself. Loving yourself means that you do not have to look for love or affirmation in someone else to feel good about yourself. You know that you are worth loving. You are not looking for a partner to make you complete, because you are already enough. ... More

how to start export business from india to usa

Like other large countries, India does not have one main business hub but is made up of a series of clusters. As well as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai the emerging cities of Nagpur ... More

how to send contact list in windows

A group mailing list is useful when you need to send email to a regular group of individuals in your Address/Contacts folder. There is a specific procedure you can follow to create a group mailing list using Windows Mail and Windows Contacts. Launch the Windows Contacts application by selecting "Start>All Programs>Windows Contacts." From the Toolbar, click the "New Group Contact" button. In ... More

how to write minecraft pe mods

The Parent's Guide To Installing Minecraft Mods. Home← The Parent's Guide To Installing Minecraft Mods. By Bec Oakley. Are your kids desperate to get into mods but you don't know where to start? Well this is the guide for you. Installing mods can be tricky and frustrating, but hopefully this will make it a little easier to understand. Important safety tips! Before you get started, make sure ... More

how to use mi music

To learn how to compose music with dependable results, you have to acquire a vocabulary of composition and know how to use that vocabulary. I’m going to get straight to the point and tell you about my new free […] ... More

how to use misoprostol for miscarriage

misoprostol for miscarriage STERA I was given 2 doses of misoprostol to be taken vaginally, I was told that if bleeding doesn't start within 24 hours, take the second dose. ... More

how to turn off global voice chat ark

Global online services . Installing Facebook on my mobile phone. Using Facebook on my mobile phone . Installing Twitter on my mobile phone. Using Twitter on my mobile phone. Using Gmail on my mobile phone. Using Google Maps on my mobile phone. Installing YouTube on my mobile phone. Using YouTube on my mobile phone. Troubleshoot. Before you start this troubleshooting guide, you need to … ... More

how to write resignation application

15/11/2015 · format of resignation letter, how to write resignation letter. ... More

how to send a secure dropbox folder

And that directory can be your Dropbox folder, OneDrive directory, or Google Drive folder. You can assign a drive letter specifically for BoxCryptor so any files dropped on the drive will be encrypted automatically before syncing to the cloud. ... More

how to quit smoking weed when you dont want to

... More

fisher packel dd60s17 how to turn on

9/11/2018 · My fisher & Paykel fridge wont stop beeping. This is a rough guide to helping diagnose fridge freezer problems. Disclaimer : The following information … ... More

how to make utorrent start automatically

Sometimes uTorrent is smart enough to automatically copy this in. C. Put a checkmark in the tic box next to “Custom Alias” and type in the name of the TV show in the text box next to it. D. Select “Automatically download all items published in feed” and put a checkmark in the tic box next to “Use smart episode filter” (this makes sure it doesn’t download doubles). ... More

how to write a good resume for your first job

Before you get started writing the perfect resume, make a list of the job titles you held, the names of each employer, the locations where you worked, and your dates of employment for these roles. While the dates will likely not get used in your resume, its good to have a clear record of your ... More

how to set color setup in indesign

Overprint preview changes how InDesign displays the colors set to overprint. When you place one color over another, you automatically create a knockout . This means that the top color punches a hole in the bottom color. ... More

how to tell someone has deleted you on steam

This is so simple. People nowadays do this to erase you off their minds or perhaps for a couple of reasons. You name it. One way to find out. First, let me set this clear that you are not talking about blocking, so I assume you just want to know if someone had deleted you … ... More

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how to stop watch magnetizing

Digital stop watch is widely used for various applications in Laboratories and other industries. Stop watch racer is a handheld timepiece designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time when it is activated to the

how to use auspost visa gift card

25/05/2017 · In Europe, some ATMs assume that if you are using a Visa card, it must be the Credit button and don't prompt for the account, unlike in AUS. Regarding the PIN, get the PIN resent to your mobile so that you are sure you are using the correct PIN.

how to work out lowest common denominator

The lcm of 16 and 24 is the smallest positive integer that divides the numbers 16 and 24 without a remainder. Spelled out, it is the least common multiple of 16 and 24.

how to train your dragon 2 cast wiki

DeBlois wrote and directed the fantasy/action film How to Train Your Dragon 2, a sequel to the original, which was released on June 13, 2014. Filmography Edit The Raccoons (1989) (assistant animator)

how to send a video to a person on youtube

Galaxy S7: Send Pictures or Video Via MMS Text Message By Mitch Bartlett 19 Comments You can attach pictures, videos and more to your text messages by …

how to use flux coated bronze brazing rod

Brazing rod, strip or wire should then be touched onto the joint mouth when brazing temperature is reached. Free flowing alloys will flow into and around the joint by capillary attraction. A sluggish flowing alloy should be applied along the entire joint, building up an alloy fillet.

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