how to scan photo and send

You use it by holding the phone over a photo you want to scan. PhotoScan will present four white dots. You need to angle or move the phone to make sure a targeting pointer is inside each of those ... More

how to turn one night stand into relationship

9/06/2012 · Here's the background: So I just moved into a new city last week and I've been meeting a lot of new people. A guy that I met in my apartment complex invited me to a party so I went. ... More

how to use tf ult

Since TF-IDF is calculated based on the Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. ... More

how to use controller on mx vs atv reflex

Think fast and hang on to your ride as you take independent control of the rider and take the ultimate test of mettle. Dual controls let you tear it up with death-defying tricks and high-flying freestyle action. ... More

how to start a fragrance line

13/12/2007 I have an idea for a fragrance line that I want to start. What are the steps to find the chemist or company to mix the ingredients, design the bottle and start the marketing of it. ... More

how to stop iphone from locking

21/12/2018 using Find My iPhone on or your device. When you remove a device, its removed from your Find My iPhone Devices list, and if your device has iOS 7 or later, Activation Lock ... More

how to turn quest items in escape from tarkov

The Shoreline is a major part of the Tarkov outskirts adjacent to the Port area. Its territory houses a partially abandoned village, modern private housing and fields, long shoreline with a ... More

hoi4 how to use laws without meeting requirments

Find out about business requirements under trade measurement laws. Read more about industrial relations , including minimum wages, awards and agreements. Previous Meeting your legal obligations ... More

how to get a 40 study score in physics

18/01/2017 · how to get 90% marks how to secure 90% marks how to get 90 marks in 12th PHYSICS AND Other subjects tooo... Stay tuned for other videos comming soon Stay tuned for other videos comming soon Skip ... More

how to set an alarm on a vivofit 2

I had the 1, but the 3 adds an audible alarm, backlight, dual display mode (see time + steps, date, calories burned, etc), and the screen reads parallel to your wrist. The screen is smaller on the 3, but no head tilting to read the display. ... More

how to use a moon journal

The Moon Book is a workbook that will assist you in knowing what to build and when, and what to dissolve and when and this video series helps you understand how to use the … ... More

how to set up a foundation in malaysia

Healy Consultants will be pleased to assist our Clients with Malaysia company setup. There are several ways of doing business in Malaysia, the most common being the setting up of a limited liability company. ... More

how to tell the tide wet sand

With the vast network of tide stations and large compilation of tide tables available to anyone with an Internet connection, you shouldn't have too much trouble building that sand castle -- even if tides don't wait. For more information on tides and tide tables, look into the links below. ... More

how to turn letters into capital in excel

Besides changing text case Cell Cleaner can help you to convert numbers in the text format to the number format, delete unwanted characters and excess spaces in your Excel table. Download the free 15-day trial version and check out how useful the add-in can be for you. ... More

how to see embbed database

MongoDB as an embedded database OEMs all over the world are incorporating MongoDB into their applications, hardware, and appliances to bring amazing products to market. MongoDB’s inherent flexibility lets you deliver previously unattainable features and functionality in your solutions. ... More

how to use baking soda for health benefits

6 Health Benefits of Baking Soda. Baking soda is a great tool for cleaning and removing stains, but there are many health benefits associated with the use of baking soda, too. ... More

how to use torrent sites in australia

KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy are now all blocked in the UK. The Pirate Bay saw a similar fate last year. As with The Pirate Bay, web proxies for all of the sites are bound to pop up. ... More

how to set rotation unity

First the hierarchical rotation of Unity. Based on what you are trying to achieve you should manipulate either Based on what you are trying to achieve you should manipulate either transform.localEulerAngles or transform.eulerAngles ... More

how to win huuuge casino

Huuuge Casino offers many ways to win big on top of the Slots! Get the Betty Bonus in the Lobby every 15 minutes! Visit the Shop every day to collect an additional bonus! ... More

how to search up for fake gucci

Meanwhile, I opened to search new products and saw that my watch has been removed from the Men's segment to Women entirely because more of its feminine style. When I had bought this ... More

how to start at launcher server

As far as i understood is a dedicated server a own, offline wurm world ? Just on my pc so to say ? I try to get it running but had no success so far. In the Wurm-Unlimited-Dedicated-Server-Menu i started the Launcher and then i started the server. ... More

how to start a cdl training school

Go To CDL Training School In Florida Going to CDL school in Florida is a great way to go about getting a Commercial Driver's License. By getting training from a CDL school in Florida, you will learn the classroom information needed to pass the written exam and get the hands-on training required to master the pre-trip inspection and the CDL skills test. ... More

how to stop grass growing in bed

Where couch is growing in permanently planted borders, it’s easier to lift all the plants and tease out the weed from the rootballs. Regular slashing of the grass with a … ... More

how to change date on 3 dial watch

- 2 - 1 This is English for United States. ANALOG ENGLISH 3 Hand / 3 Hand Date Date Setting 1. Pull the crown out to position 2. 2. Turn the crown either clockwise or counter-clockwise and set the date ... More

how to stay healthy working night shift

6 Methods to Keep Wholesome Whereas Working the Night time Shift Clever Bread Picks Although I do not work the evening shift, I am an avowed evening owl. A few of my finest writing occurs between the hours of 1 a.m. and four a.m. (when most people are in full REM mode). However indulging my … ... More

how to wear leg warmers with boots

14/11/2013 · Fold the band down. Attach buttons, ribbons or other embellishments to the outside of the fold-over. Wear over bear legs, leggings or boots. Instead of making a foldover band on your leg warmers, you can fold the sweater over a piece of elastic that is measured for your calf size. ... More

how to see someones wow characters through battle net

... More

how to use itunes card on world of warcraft

I tried to use a prepaid visa GC thru Blizzard's website right after christmas and it would not work. I ended up using it to buy a game card at best buy. I ended up using it to buy a game card at best buy. ... More

ibook author how to use

A lot of people are up-in-arms over Apple's license agreement for iBooks Author. It's been called everything every superlative in the book from mind-bogglingly greedy, to unprecedentedly audacious ... More

how to get a scratched game to work

14/12/2006 The best thing to do is get some disc repair/cleaner. I would also recommend looking into getting a machine that does the work for you. MadCatz has one that works fairly well. ... More

how to use publisher 2013 tutorial

When you first open Publisher, you will see a startup screen that allows you to create a new publication in Publisher. Simply click the type of publication that you want to create within the listing of available templates that appears at the right side of the startup screen. ... More

how to use hormones for weight loss reddit

The weight loss hormones of the thyroid are produced from the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland in your throat. According to a German obesity research on thyroid function, when the thyroid hormones Triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) ... More

how to get tickets to the jimmy kimmel live show

As a result, Kimmel should find it much easier to book L.A's celebrity guests, who would now have to fly all the way to New York if they wanted to appear on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. Best of all, perhaps, the "The Jimmy Kimmel Live!" ... More

how to start a letter to get approval for franchise

Starting a franchise company is not an easy or inexpensive process. There are a number of requirements you will have to meet and a few other things that, though not legally required, are also ... More

how to tell if a disease is sex linked

8/01/2019 · hemophilia, Fabry disease: Y-linked: A condition is considered Y-linked if the mutated gene that causes the disorder is located on the Y chromosome, one of the two sex chromosomes in each of a male's cells. Because only males have a Y chromosome, in Y-linked inheritance, a mutation can only be passed from father to son. Y chromosome infertility, some cases of Swyer syndrome: Codominant: In ... More

how to use an alligator clip for hair

Cover the alligator clip with 12cm of grosgrain ribbon, using your hot glue gun. For more information about covering hair clips, head to this detailed step-by-step tutorial on the Molly and Mama blog. […] ... More

how to study business law easily

Student experience Studying at the Faculty of Business and Law is about more than a degree. We’re all about providing an experience beyond the classroom that is vibrant, engaging and value-adding. ... More

how to write a thesis statement for a discussion essay

Summarize your points and reaffirm your thesis statement. Win over your readers by stating your conclusion in an absolute and confident tone. Organization format. Organization is a vital element in the process of writing argumentative essays. You need to ensure that information is organized in a way that captures the interest of the readers and that make it simple for readers to follow ... More

how to say thank you in spanish translation

So, in this article, we are going to find out the ways in which you can say no thank you in Nepali. If you are a Nepali or a person who is trying to learn Nepali, this could be a great opportunity to learn how to say No. Learn the craft soon enough so that you do not have to get into things you do not want to just because somebody proposed and ... More

how to use chalk paint to distress wood

* Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is very easy to distress. It also shows faint brush strokes even after sanding. Those are some of the reasons I love it so much. This can, however, make it more difficult to achieve a modern finish. If you really want a super modern look, I would recommend using latex paint in a paint sprayer. (Make sure to prime first!) ... More

how to set up florist arrangements

So if your florist website front page is filled with $100 arrangements, you may turn off the majority of customers that are looking for value. Make sure your front page has a mix of price points including sub-$40 arrangements right on the front page. ... More

how to use general finishes milk paint

8/04/2018 · I absolutely love General Finishes Milk Paint. I utilize it on the majority of all project pieces I do. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get the best results. ... More

how to write a good slice the pie review

Review: Like Hit Predictor, Slice the Pie purports to pay you to listen to music and rate it on a scale of one to 10. For that they pay you — almost nothing. The site requires you to listen to at least 90 seconds of a song to review it. You can review it while you’re listening, though, so let’s say you are insanely efficient and do 40 reviews in an hour. That would likely earn you a ... More

how to use iptv on vlc media player

VLC Media Player it is a free media player. To play the multimedia file you do not need to set any extra codec, they are already set in a program. VLC produces stream video (IPTV ... More

how to start sexting with a guy friend

Here’s what you can do if you send a sext you regret: Ask the person to delete your message and watch them do it. Talk to someone you trust like a friend, parent, counsellor or teacher Make a report to your mobile phone company if you’re receiving unwanted pictures or requests . Here’s what to do if your image gets shared online: If you’re under 18 report it to eSafety or the police ... More

how to use mouse for gaming

The funny part is that my G5 laser mouse from Logitech actually has a terrible time on many gaming mousepads, and I had to start using it flat on the desk without any mousepad so it … ... More

how to write diologe in a story

The standard approach to writing dialogue in a narrative is to place spoken lines in quotation marks, and to indent for a new paragraph each time the speaker changes. These two rules, however, while hard-lined for academic writing, are not so strict when it comes to creative writing projects. Some writers, such as James Salter in his story "Last Night," forgo quotation marks for "em" dashes in ... More

how to flirt with a younger guy at work

All of these tips work to help a man get clear signals from you. But you dont have to save this up for just the right guy. When you learn to flirt with men as your way of interacting, it will be more natural and your skills will improve. Dont wait for the perfect man. ... More

how to live longer tv show

For many Americans the thought of life without TV is akin to forgoing food, shelter or, God forbid, the Internet. But about 1 to 2 percent of Americans do abstain from the boob tube, and they ... More

how to use rebound hammer

Rebound Hammer test is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete which provide a convenient and rapid indication of the Rebound Hammer test is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete . Mentioned are the Principle, Procedure, Advantages and Disadvantages of Rebound Hammer ... More

how to start out as a therapist

Start to resolve each individual issue that the family has brought up. Give each family member an opportunity to provide a solution. Give each family member an opportunity to provide a solution. Apply values and standards to the solutions to the family issue that fit within that family's value system. ... More

how to tell ex im applyingfordivorce

The key is to be very calm when you tell your ex and hopefully hell react in a positive way. Explain that you dont want to upset him, but you believe he has a right to know that youre ... More

how to use singer patchwork

My singer 7258 is not moving the fabric along but stitches in one place causing the fabric to go through the plate. It is a medium knit fabric and I am using stitch 14 It … ... More

how to teach your baby to sleep on his own

Convincing your child to sleep in his own bed can be a challenge once he's gotten into the habit of sleeping in your bed. Whether your child refuses to fall asleep in his own bed or he ends up crawling into your bed halfway through the night, kids who don't want to sleep alone can be persistent. ... More

how to teach myself to do jujitsu

Higher Jiu Jitsu is where you come to learn. Just as our students commit to learning, so do I aim to improve in all that I do. From the Professor Pedro Sauer I learn how to teach jiu jitsu as a ... More

how to write a narrative for year 5

This sample response is set at a high standard for year 5 Students can learn narrative writing techniques by studying this sample response The school answer package for Year 5 contains this sample response. ... More

how to show mask in lightroom

After you've created a new mask, you have to click on the Show Selected Mask Overlay checkbox in order to make sure that the original photo remains unaltered by the changes you are planning to make. ... More

how to start using cygwin

The nifty thing is that by going to Start → Programs → Cygwin-X → Xwin Server, I can open a GUI Cygwin X-window without ever opening the standard Cygwin command line. This was decidedly not the case with my previous installation. ... More

how to use pdc drill bit types

Manufacturers realize that different types of drill bits are needed for each rotary application, and a one-size-fits-all drill bit does not work. Whether the job is well completion, re-entry, oil, gas, water, or mining, drill bit manufacturers have risen to the challenge to meet the needs of the drilling industry. ... More

how to change display on apple watch

10/01/2016 · How to Change Distance Units from Miles to KM on Apple Watch Workout Jan 10, 2016 - 3 Comments For Apple Watch users who track their workouts with the device, you can adjust, switch, or set distance unit measurements per workout, switching from miles to kilometers and vice versa. ... More

how to use mysql for excel

It depends on where you are trying to do this . If you happen to be on the same machine domain, if it is running locally or on a server you are on, you can connect using odbc by connecting MS Access to Mysql and Excel to Access. ... More

how to write trademark sign galaxy s7

Remove and re-insert the SIM card. Removing the SIM and inserting it back helped many to solve the problem. Here are the steps: Turn off the phone and take the SIM card out. ... More

how to watch hotstar outside india free zenmate

How to Ublock and Watch Hotstar Outside India with a VPN Proxy: If a user is fancy with Bollywood productions, then Hotstar is a must. Luckily, one can use VPN to unblock Hotstar outside India. Here are some of the VPN providers which are compatible with the Hotstar: Express VPN – If a user want to watch Hotstar outside India, Express VPN is ideal. It is a highly trusted and reliable service ... More

walk dog how to clean up poo

Cleaning up after your dog is easy. You can use plastic (or biodegradable) bags, trowels or pooper scoopers. Products are available that attach to your dog's leash to store plastic bags for use during walks. ... More

how to remove imac stand 2017

Still, if you have a 2017 21.5-inch iMac with a 7th-generation Core i5 processor, you could upgrade it to a more powerful 7th-generation Core i7 processor, which will give it a huge boost in ... More

how to train your dragon dragon furious

13/07/2014 · Note: I do not use twitter or facebook, any official updates from me will be made strictly on my youtube channel . Toothless Gifs made by me. Support my How to Train Your Dragon animations by subscribing to my youtube channel through the link below! ... More

how to swim to safety on the easiest game

A little quiz on swimming, covering a lot of ground. ****Note, all questions regarding legality of things is referring to Illinois and IHSA. ****Note, all questions regarding legality of … ... More

how to set up youth allowance centrelink

I had my Youth Allowance suspended in October last year. The suspension of my account was frustrating, but thats not what made me go fucking postal on Centrelink. The suspension of my account was frustrating, but thats not what made me go fucking postal on Centrelink. ... More

how to use hiya app

Hiya brings the whole recruitment journey right into the palm of your hand. As a society we are using more and more technology to make our daily... As a society we are using more and more ... More

how to stop ads on samsung s9

This Galaxy S9 how-to guide explains everything you need to know about Galaxy S9 always-on display (AOD) on Galaxy S9 and S9+: how to turn on/off the AOD on S9 and S9+, how to use and customize Galaxy S9 AOD screen, how to customize clock style for AOD screen, how to pin photos to Galaxy S9 AD screen, and how to use AOD themes. ... More

adobe muse how to start

This VTC QuickStart! course introduces you to Adobe's recently released Muse, which now fully integrates into their creative cloud. As author and expert Mark Struthers guides you through the Muse UI, you'll see how the program is split into various modes dependent on the task required. ... More

how to watch new game of thrones without hbo

The second thing: HBO may have been surprised this past weekend by all the demand for this new season. Hundreds of HBO Now users took to Twitter on Sunday expressing their frustration at system ... More

how to take apart hp envy dv7

HP Envy 17, the largest Envy is an all-round powerhouse Source: PC Authority All up, the Envy 17 has a lot to like, and while we still have a couple of reservations, the performance goes a long ... More

how to start xylem challenge

Another challenge was transitioning the advertising efforts from LeeReedy/Xylem Digital back to Big Papa's, which formally occurred on Dec. 22, when LeeReedy/Xylem Digital shut down for the holidays. ... More

how to tell if real versace jacket

5/07/2010 · But maybe one of you can already tell if this is a fake Versace Fraiche or not. Thanks! Last Versace Men Eau De Fraiche, REAL OR FAKE? please help I cannot tell if this one is authentic or not. But looking at the pics, I can see that this is a tester (the bland box and the wording on the bottle) and it won't come with the cap. Last edited by jasonx; 3rd April 2010 at 04:04 PM. Currently ... More

how to use lg ac remote

How to use LG TV Remote App on Android to control your LG TV The idea of using the LG TV remote app from android dawned upon me when my remote control went dead. The sound on the TV was too high and I was unable to reduce the volume. ... More

how to use the electric oven on a bellini stove

Functional and affordable, this Bellini 60cm oven boasts sleek lines and well appointed features. With a black glass finish, easy to use controls, triple layer cool touch door, 60 litre capacity and easy clean enamel interior, this oven offers function, style and affordable living with no compromise. ... More

how to use my amex platinum travel credit

Yes, you must book the full fare for a return trip on your American Express credit card or by using reward points earned through the card (e.g. American Express Membership Rewards or Qantas ... More

how to take phenergan for seasickness

For motion sickness, promethazine is usually started within 1 hour before traveling. When used for surgery, promethazine is usually taken the night before the surgery. How often you take this medicine and the timing of your dose will depend on the condition being treated. Measure liquid medicine with the dosing syringe provided, or with a special dose-measuring spoon or medicine cup. If you do ... More

how to thank someone for correcting you

Watch video Thank you notes are meant to show your gratitude for someone elses kindness. They are not the place to discuss whats going on in your life save it for an email or phone call. 6. ... More

how to teach 2 year old to read

How To Teach Your Two-Year-Old To Read By Sherwood Ross Children as young as two years of age can be taught to read by providing them with a CD player, and CDs of their favorite music. ... More

how to start a conversation with a russian girl

In real life, they may whether you date Russian girls online or meet them seem set aside to start with. That is a type of safety a reaction to new-people plus it rapidly wears off if a woman knows that she can trust a complete stranger. After a few moments of conversation, you’ll see how kind open, and Cheerful ladies that are russian. The toughest element is to convince a Russian woman that ... More

how to stop csv files from cutting off 0s

... More

how to set font size in css html

Set font-size to 1.5em; (50% larger) in HTML and CSS Description. The following code shows how to set font-size to 1.5em; (50% larger). Example < ... More

itunes how to see device summary

The iTunes Store is available on all your devices, which means you can buy that catchy song you just heard or rent that movie you’ve been meaning to see, anytime you want. And since your entire library of music and movies lives in iCloud, everything you buy is immediately available, no … ... More

how to show imported bookmarks in chrome

For example, Chrome bookmarks will be saved in a folder called Imported from Chrome, and IE's in one labeled Imported from Internet Explorer. To move imported favorites to Edge's Favorites Bar, just open the favorites window again and drag folders or links into the Favorites Bar folder. ... More

how to see why im lagging

Why use lagging indicators? Lagging indicators are the traditional safety metrics used to indicate progress toward compliance with safety rules. These are the bottom-line numbers that evaluate the overall effectiveness of safety at your facility. ... More

how to see apple pencil battery ios 11

The Apple Pencil hasn't got a screen or any indicator LEDs to tell you how much battery it's got left - or if it's about to run out of power completely. ... More

how to stop being a one trick pony

Since this extension is a one-trick pony, there are no options to configure. It just works straight out of the box. It just works straight out of the box. Note however that this extension does NOT buffer the video. ... More

how to decorate my study room

Embrace your inner free spirit and decorate your office with anything that tells a story, has sentimental value to you, or that you picked up on your travels. Add in a bold, patterned rug, color ... More

how to see where an ebay item is being sent

Tip: If you don’t see the Sent Items folder, click the arrow (>) on the left of your account folder to expand the list of folders. Select the message you want to view. … ... More

how to use cocktail syrup

gin, ice water, grapefruit juice, syrup, ginger ale, rose syrup ... More

how to start a web design business filetype pdf

In fact I collate their answers and display them graphically to give you a complete picture of the life of a web design business owner. Leaving work and running my own web design business from home changed my life for the better. ... More

how to see what someone likes on instagram

“I created a new OKCupid profile, and listed my Instagram profile with a one-line bio to see if I could attract people who see the world like me. In the photo section, I added not only photos of ... More

how to start the tanaan jungle quest line

In primordial Tanaan, even the plants have teeth. Darkling fronds stab out at unlucky wanderers, or conceal canyons that plunge miles deep beneath the canopy - and these are far from the jungle… ... More

how to turn on icloud on iphone 5

22/09/2015 · Hello Kate, Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with your iPhone. You can use iCloud to turn off Find my iPhone using these steps: ... More

how to make all windows show as details

Using Windows Explorer. Find a folder that has the view that you want or pick a folder that you want to change. Follow the instructions from To apply the current view setting to other folders: ... More

how to set voicemail on iphone x

While if the "iPhone X/iPhone 8 voicemail won't play" issue happens due to the bugs in the iOS operating system, don't hesitate to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS when there is a new update available. Generally speaking, a new iOS update … ... More

how to teach a calf to nurse

When the calf is a newbie I have found that if I rub the calf and physically stimulate him the calf seems to relax more, and gets more in the mood, not so worried about the stranger messing with him. One more thing is I HATE tubing a calf, It is an absolute last resort. ... More

how to start a not for profit foundation

statements that your non-profit will not engage in prohibited political or legislative activity, and a dissolution of assets provision dedicating your assets to another 501(c)(3) organization upon dissolution. ... More

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how to set up a mdr-100aap wireless headphones

Overall a decent set of headphones. Feel reasonably durable and don't have too much clamping pressure while still isolating enough noise. Plenty of emphasis on the low end which can take over at times (though, if you like bass, these are alright). Battery

how to set dmz on netgear router

22/05/2005 I have a NetGear router connected to 3 computers. I have to set firewall off and DMZ on to connect to internet. Whenever I connect, I have to set the IP address of connecting computer to DMZ

how to talk in telephonic interview

Use our tips to learn these phrases, and soon talking on the telephone at work in English will feel as simple as driving down the street! Why Learn How to Talk on the Phone Professionally Talking on the phone may be an essential part of your job, or you may only have to make or answer phone calls in English from time to time.

how to watch live tv australia

Watch Eurosport Live anytime, anywhere. Subscribe. On your TV. Eurosport is available on 1 TV providers in your country. Get Eurosport on your TV . What's new on Eurosport? Snooker. LIVE …

how to use cricket rewards points

REWARDS points are often associated with big credit card spending, but Daniel Sciberras from Point Hacks says there are a number of ways to earn 20,000 points between now and Christmas, without

how to send emails to another account

How to automatically forward Gmail messages to another account Robin Sinha If you have a presence anywhere on the web then you must be aware of Gmail, one of the Google’s most-widely used email …

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